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Me and the bros crushing a bottle of Jack Honey. We deserved it.

This too won’t last, this too shall pass
at least that’s what I say yall, that’s what I pray for
and I’m the only thing that’s standing in my way yall
but I gotta be with me, it’s no escape yall
I guess depression just stepped in, and took over shit like it’s known to do
Guess it said, hey Joe, I’m going home with you
Turn your phone off, I need to be alone with you
I need to be in the zone with you
Cuz I’m the only thing y’ve grown to, nigga
Look, I own you, nigga
Been with you since 10, but you starting to confuse me
cause it’s been so long and you still tryna lose me
Like how could you show me such cruelty
When everybody turns their back on you, Joe it’s you and me
Still you don’t want me to see you right
And why you always come get me, how we re-unite
huh, I know you feel for me deep in your heart
Doctors, meetings, pills couldn’t keep us apart
What, now, you got a deal and you wanna get rid of me
We roommates, I’m in your head, Joe you live with me

Don’t get realer than that.

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